Website creation

Skagit Media will custom build your Website to your specifications. Using the latest technologies and Internet Marketing techniques we can get your website looking professional and ranking well with Google, Yahoo, Bing and over 250+ other search engines on the Internet at a price that won't break your bank.

Your new website will match your existing business logo, outdoor signage, and letterhead. Our experienced Web Developers and Graphic Designers will help you through the process to design a complete solution that effectively targets your exact customer base.

Way more than just a website, our certified staff has the marketing experience to help you identify all your potential clients and enable you to target that specific market segment or demographic group. Easily scalable, our complete web solutions will not only meet your current customers needs, but also those of your future customers as well.

We also have Affordable E-Commerce Solutions that we can easily add to your existing website. And we have several E-Commerce reseller packages for you to add shopping carts to your clients' site, reducing your development time and greatly increasing your profits.

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Real Estate/IDX

As a Real Estate Professional you know the importance of having a website. Does your current IDX(Internet Data Exchange) solution provide you with REAL quality leads that have led to a sale? Skagit Media's does and at a price that is way lower than our competitors!

Our IDX search uses the latest technologies. Developed with real guidance from actual Real Estate Professionals that use our product.

Designed as a stand-alone component, Skagit Media's IDX Search can be integrated with ANY website in a matter of minutes. Fully featured with an easy-to-use map-based search and advanced text-based search. Our IDX Search also has the following features:

  • Automated search form
  • CMA Request Form
  • Optional Lead Capture
  • Multiple color choices to match your current or new website built Skagit Media
  • Customizable map search start locations - center your default map location to your area or cities by setting longitude, lattitude and zoom level
  • Customizable featured listings module for display your listings on a seprate web page. With two styles to choose from.


"Rob's patience and creativity gave our company a finished product that I could not have ever dreamed of accomplishing myself. I would recommend Rob and Skagit Media- to anyone looking to build and manage a website. Thanks Rob, I could not have done it without you!"

- Debbie Garcea
Thermal Pipe Shields

"All of us here at A.R.E. Realty would like to thank you for all the hard work you do for us.

Keep up the good work and your company may become one of the best in Skagit County."

Thanks again!
A.R.E. Realty Inc.